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SEO presence is crucial in producing solid business revenue and getting in front of your customers

Search Engine Optimization will help your business be found by customers looking for what you have to offer.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the organic search engine results for client websites without spending money on Pay Per Click advertising. When potential customers search for your industry, the company with a stronger SEO will rank higher in the search results than businesses with little to no SEO presence. As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in MumbaiBrand Bucket Softtech specializes in helping clients strengthen their website visibility and increase customer conversions.
Even the most visually stunning website on the web can still not rank as high as it should if search engines have no way of distinguishing what makes it better than it's competitors.

The first thing we do at BrandBucket is conducting a full analysis of your current website and online presence and we do this free of charge! Click Here to receive your free website and SEO analysis. By doing this first, we are able to identify any problem areas you currently have with your SEO presence. This allows us to see the biggest problem areas you currently have and we can then put together a comprehensive plan to get your website ranking higher in the search engines. Even if you decide not to use Brand Bucket Softtech's SEO services, you still keep your free SEO analysis, no questions asked.
After conducting the initial SEO analysis of your website. We will sit down to discuss what the best plan moving forward will be. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. When we speak with you, we'll recommend an approach that's affordable but still gives you the business uplift you're after. We currently offer three packages that serve as initial guidelines for how we will help your business move forward with our SEO Services in Mumbai. These are completely customizable to fit your exclusive needs. We have been doing SEO long enough that they usually fit the bill.

Packages Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
70,000₹ 1,26,000₹ 2,80,000₹ 4,90,000₹
Seo Work 10 Keywords + 100 SubKeywords 20 Keywords + 200 SubKeywords 50 Keywords + 500 SubKeywords 100 Keywords + 1000 SubKeywords
Website Audit
Search Engine Friendly Analysis
Link Popularity Analysis
Keywords Research and Analysis
Duplicate content analysis
Website Structure analysis
Competitor Analysis
Detailed SEO Plan
SEO Compatibility Check
Broken Links Check
Page Size Check
W3C Validation Check*
Browser Compatibility Check
On-Page Optimization
URL Mapping
URL Rewriting
Title Tag Optimization Up to 10 pages Up to 20 pages Up to 40 pages Up to 80 pages
Meta Tags Optimization
Keyword Density, Proximity & Prominence Check
Anchor Text Optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Custom 404 error page setup
Google Analytic Account Setup
Webmaster Tools (Google/Bing)Account Set Up
SEO Header Tag Optimization
Exiting Content Optimization
New Page Creation (If Required) Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 15
URL Canonicalization Check
Robots.Txt Optimization
XML and TXT Sitemap Generation
Off-Page Optimization and Link Building
Social Bookmarking
Article Submission
Article Social Bookmarking
Press Release Submission**
Classifieds Submissions
SEO Content Creation
Article Writing
Press Release Writing
Review Writing
Local Search Website Optimization
Local Search Engine Submission
Updating local listing Pages
GEO Tagging
Google Business Listing
Yahoo Basic Business Listing
Bing Places Listing
Blog Optimization
Blog Creation
Blog Writing#
Blog Directory Submission
Blog RSS Submission
Social Media Optimization
Facebook Fan Page Creation
Regular Updates
Facebook TimeLine Design
Facebook Fan Page Like Integration
Twitter Page Creation
Twitter Background Design
Twitter Follow Button Integration
Instagram Page Creation
Instagram Button Integration
LinkedIn Profile Creation
LinkedIn Company Page Creation
Photo Sharing
Web 2.0 Profile Creation
Website Usability & Conversion
Existing Website Designing Consultation
Landing Page Analysis
Enquiry Page Analysis
Enquiry Page Modification Suggestions
Mobile Compatibility Suggestions
Traffic Log Analysis
Keywords Ranking Report
Monthly Progress Reports
Customer Support (Email, Chat)
Project Manager
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10 Keywords + 100 SubKeywords

20 Keywords + 200 SubKeywords

50 Keywords + 500 SubKeywords

100 Keywords + 1000 SubKeywords

Website Audit

Search Engine Friendly Analysis
Link Popularity Analysis
Keywords Research and Analysis
Duplicate content analysis
Website Structure analysis
Competitor Analysis
Detailed SEO Plan

SEO Compatibility Check

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization and Link Building

Content Marketing

Local Search Website Optimization

Blog Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Website Usability & Conversion

Monthly Report


The cost will vary widely according to the keywords and type of SEO services you need. It also depends on how tough the competition is. We can create a customized plan to fit your needs and your budget.
Once we have updated your website, it will take time for search engines like Google, Bing and others to crawl your site, register the changes and adjust your rankings. Typically, you will begin to see new ranking results in 3 to 9 months.
Once your website rankings have changed, you will begin to see a considerable increase in traffic. You can expect this process to take a few months.
PPC advertising can be a solid marketing tool depending on your industry, keyword competition and other factors. However, PPC should be used to supplement a strong SEO strategy. Without a strong online presence, PPC will be a waste of money.
Maintaining your rankings requires constant research and updates as search engine algorithms change and new websites enter the market to compete with yours.
Purchasing links instead of earning them is considered a “black hat” practice and search engines will penalize your site for poor links. These types of penalties can ruin your business.
Since search engine algorithms aren’t entirely public and always changing, there is no way to guarantee rankings. In fact, you should beware of any company that makes definite claims about rankings.
General terms are highly competitive, and it would take a massive amount of time and money to earn top rankings. That is why we focus on long-tail search terms and location-based searches. You may not be able to earn a top ranking for lawyer, but you can appear first for divorce lawyer in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and India.
The truth is that no one outside of the search engine engineers really know until they declare officially. However, there is some indication that small updates may happen on a regular basis. That makes it especially important to continually invest in SEO Services.
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